📥Tutorial - Save

In the Save section of Securd, you can deposit tokens and earn interest.

  1. Connect Wallet

  1. On the summary section, you see your balance, your deposit, and the interest generated on your accounts. The average APY is the average APY across your account. On the account section, you see the accounts you have already opened.

  1. On the “All Accounts” section, you can open new accounts for new assets.

  1. Click on 1 of your accounts - here “USDC”. On the left, you can see more details: your balance, how much you have deposited, and how much interest has been generated. On the right, you can interact with your account by depositing more USDC or withdraw them. Enter the amount of USDC you want to deposit and click on “Deposit”. Confirm the transaction, wait a few seconds, and your account balance will be updated automatically.

  1. The Withdraw function works in a similar way. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, click “Withdraw”, confirm the transaction, and your balance will be updated automatically.

  1. In the Pool Details section, you can see the total size of the pending pool, how much has been deposited and how much interested has been generated for all the users, the liquidity in the pool, the utilization rate of the pool, and the APY (the interest rate paid on this asset USDC).

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