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How do I deposit/withdraw tokens?

Open the Securd App and click on Save. Connect your wallet and click on the Account corresponding to the token you want to deposit/withdraw. Select the “Deposit/Withdraw” tab, specify the amount (or % of balance) you would like to deposit/withdraw and click on the “Deposit/Withdraw” button. After reviewing the transaction details, click on “Confirm”.

How does Securd generate interest?

Securd uses deposits to grant collateralized loans to liquidity providers who pay interest in return. 90% of collected interest is paid to you and represents your Savings APY. The remaining 10% are sent to the Securd Reserve.

How is my Savings APY calculated?

The Savings APY is calculated for each token based on the percentage of deposits that is borrowed, called the Utilization Rate. As Utilization will move up or down, your Savings APY will vary and reflect the balance between Supply & Demand for this token.

How does Securd protect my deposit?

For each loan, Securd holds the borrower's collateral and constantly checks that its value is sufficient for full repayment. If this value falls below the Liquidation Threshold, Securd automatically sells the collateral to repay the loan and protect Depositors funds.

What are the risks of using Securd?

As a Depositor, you are exposed to Collateral Risk. This risk materializes if one of the assets backing your account drops in value before the liquidation process is triggered. In addition, you are exposed to Smart Contract Risk that we mitigate through multiple reviews and audits.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount to deposit?

No, you can deposit any amount on your account.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount to withdraw?

You can withdraw any amount from your account up to the total liquidity of the lending pool. If liquidity becomes insufficient, the borrow rate will quickly increase, pushing borrowers to pay back their loans and creating additional liquidity.

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